How to crack Railway NTPC in a single attempt.

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Given the fact that the Railways have come up with such a huge opportunity after a long time, the competition is going to equally though as many aspirants will try their luck in securing themselves a job. This brings us to two most important question

1- What to prepare?
2- How to prepare?

RRB 2016 Study Plan

How to Implement the Study Plan?

1- Attempt the free test series that experts at Sarkari Circle have created for you. This test will help you understand what areas you are strong with and what areas need to be improved upon to enhance your chances of clearing the exam.

2- Analyze your performance, when we say performance we mean not only the score but in-depth analysis of your academic strengths and weaknesses.
• What was my score in comparison to the top ten scorers in the test 
• What are the topics/areas where you invested Maximum Time but got Minimum Marks (Your Weaknesses)
• What are the topics/areas where you invested the Minimum Time and got the Maximum Marks (Your Strengths)
• What are the topics/areas where you scored below 60% (Your Scope for Improvement)

3- After making a list of your strengths and weaknesses you need to take some topic-wise tests on the topics that you have identified as your scope for improvement. These tests will help you in revisiting all the important concepts of related to that topic. After the test do ensure to go through the solutions of all the questions that were incorrect. This is a very good way of clarifying any conceptual doubts that you may have.

4- Once you have worked on all topics/areas you identified as your scope for improvement, take the first mock test and analyze your performance. You should be able to answer the following two questions now 
• Have you improved on the areas/topics where you were lacking before? 
• Is there any area/topic left that needs improvement? 

5- Keep identifying the areas that need improvement and taking the Topic-wise tests until you find them after analyzing your mocks.

6- Invest the last week of your preparation in attempting mock tests and previous year papers, this will help you get acquainted with the pattern of the exam, create the right time management strategy and build your speed.

The level of competition in RRB NTPC 2016 is definitely high but with the right strategy and plan in place clearing the exam is not a hard nut to crack.

All the Best!

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