IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 Revision Strategy – Tips & Tricks

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IBPS Clerk 2019 notification was released by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) in October 2019. The exam is scheduled to be conducted from 7 Dec 2019 onwards. With a very few left for the D-Day, you all must have been neck-deep into the preparations. It is now time that you quickly get past through the preparation stage and start revising the mastered topics to check where do you stand at present. We are bringing you IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 Revision Strategy to help you analyze your preparations and take the necessary steps for moving ahead. The Plan is devised into 2 phase, let’s read further to know more.

IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 Revision Strategy

As mentioned earlier, the 2 steps involved in the revision plan are as below:

  • First 10 days + Remaining days for practice

You can devote your time in practicing the below-mentioned topics for the first 10 days so that you can fine-tune your preparations in the remaining days. First of all start with the mock test, this will help you understand your current stand in the field of preparation. There is no better way to learn and improve your weaker areas than by giving mock tests. Most importantly do analyze your mocks after you take them, so that you get to know the areas that you need to improve in.

  • Study Plan for first 10 days will be as follows:
IBPS Clerk Revision Plan for Prelims
Day 1IBPS Clerk Prelims | FREE Mock Test 1Day 6Input-Output
Number System (HCF/LCM)|Number Series: Wrong & MissingData Interpretation: Caselet & Mixed
Basic Grammar/ Change of VoiceSynonyms, Antonyms/ Sentence Improvement
Seating Arrangement: Linear (Single-Double Row); Circular (Facing Inside-Outside)IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test 6
Day 2Inequality | Alphanumeric SeriesDay 7Alphanumeric Series
Correct UsageCloze Test
Percentage & PartnershipQuadratic Equations
IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2IBPS Clerk Mock Test 7
Day 3Simplification/ ApproximationDay 8Profit & Loss | SI & CI
One Word Substitution + Reading ComprehensionPara jumbles + Fillers
SyllogismCoding-Decoding | Blood Relations
IBPS Clerk Mock Test 3IBPS Clerk Mock Test 8
Day 4Odd One OutDay 9Order And Ranking
Error Spotting Phrase/Word Replacement
Ratio & Proportion + Mixture & AllegationsTime, Speed & Distance – Boat/ Train
IBPS Clerk Mock Test 4IBPS Clerk Mock Test 9
Day 5Data Interpretation: Tables, Charts & GraphsDay 10Simplification/ approximation
Sentence Joining Reading Comprehension
Distances & Direction SenseTime & Work
IBPS Clerk Mock Test 5IBPS Clerk Mock Test 10

For the first 10 days follow the above plan to master the sections and improve on the lacking areas. The preparation in the last few days should be more rigorous and focussed. Your weak areas need more attention so that you can score the maximum in the exams, thus increasing your chances of getting selected.

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Do not Overstress yourself over one topic or with the exam preparation as it may result in losing confidence. Go smoothly and focus more on the sections you are good in. Refer multiple sources for your weaker areas.

Focus more on analyzing your mistakes and improving them. This will help you avoid those mistakes on the actual exam day. Be confident about your preparation and keep practicing.

That is all from us in our blog, IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 revision Strategy.

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